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Probably the largest business expo
in the South West! 

Expo 2017 Show Reel

‘I never cease to be surprised by the number of successful businesses in this area, the levels of innovation and enterprise, and the spirit of cooperation across all sectors.  Exeter City Council is proud to support Devon Business Expo on 28 April 2016 and is also proud to host ‘probably the largest Business Expo in the South West’ at the Matford Centre, Exeter’   
Karime Hassan, CEO & Growth Director, Exeter City Council

The South West Business Expo is now moving into its 5th year has now established itself as the regions go to business expo. With over 170 businesses exhibiting and over 2000 delegates attending, this is the place to do business. The Expo has generated £100,000's worth of business for businesses from across the region.

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South West Business Expo Numbers:

4 Expos to date
380 businesses exhibited
Over 3500 delegates have attended
9 speed networking sessions with 700 people
28 seminars and workshops

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